am a Japanese Photographer / Cinematographer in LA.

"When I photograph you. You are the main character of a story."

I am a portrait photographer derived from theatre arts. Ko Zushi Photography is capable of not only the service of doing a portrait session but wide range of services including, Wedding, family portrait, lifestyle, and performing arts events. I shoot people in the event in the photo-journalistic style (or you might simply say “candid” moment which is the true moment of life. I have been photographing actors onstage for over decade. Now, my trained eyes for anticipation and reflex to capture those critical moments give me the edge in those event photography.


Every shot I take has its own dramatic story, even in the anticipated headshot or portrait. I understand the light and its effect on people. Conducting a portrait session should be a revelating experience for the client. Most people are wearing armors around their vulnerability, which is the true beauty of their souls. It is my task to capture that beauty by undoing their natural and polite habits. When I’m working with the client in portrait session, I’d be in the same state of mind as I am directing the actors on stage. No other photographers but I have this approach in the shooting session.

My Personal Motto....

The value of my service is something you cannot find in today's vast technology of iPhone camera or simple Instagram filters. I always put my careful attention to the image I create. I put my personal heart and soul into the photograph because I cannot help caring so much about it..

  • I care as if a painter cares for his painting and his model.
  • I care for the feeling and connection I make with clients when shooting.
  • I care for every piece of grain and pixels that contribute to the processing of the image.
  • I care for the touch and light reflections of the printed image.




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I always love getting new ideas and inspirations from people I talk to. 

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