Of Course Smoking is "BAD"

J'aime fumer quand je suis défoncé II

J'aime fumer quand je suis défoncé II


I was going to write my daily #Wednesdaywisdom post related to this my recent portrait work. I particularly found it very difficult today....because there's nothing "smart" about in smoking! I did a lot of researches and try to find some insights and inspirational thing about smoking from all the great writers of film-noir and artists online. After all, they have nothing but bad thing to say about smoking. They are right....Smoking is bad. And yet, we can't help noticing there's something mysterious and sexy in act of smoking.....then I realized I was trying to understand this idea in all wrong.

People smoke not because they want to kill themselves. People smoke because it is "Bad" it's that simple---- Purity can be boring, the devil's seductive. It is the same idea with drug and alcohol. It's the same effect that we find "Bad" villains sexy. That explains, in Film-Noir, all the villains & bad guys are women and they're all mysteriously sexy and they achieve their goal in the end..... Writers and artists are drawn to express those "Bad" women and the act of smoking often represents what they are; "Pleasure in Destruction"

Women with a Cigar

Women with a Cigar

For me, I cannot afford to smoke cigarettes for being a fighter and father, nor am I here to judge those who do smoke. But, to be honest, understandings of its allure and power give me a lot of inspirations & influences in my work. What is your take on smoking?

Some thoughts on Social Media

Good things---- things that are true. Things that are "real" are so elusive. It is especially in the social media platform like Facebook. With the hypes of political election or rising fashion of Pokemon Go, I see most people (including me sometimes) post craps that don't matter or even just they are "trendy" that is clearly aiming to get more "likes", that I can see they are not sincere at all....it is, I must say, depressing most of the times.

As a small business owner it is important for me to ride along the fashion trend---But as an artist, I cannot--- It is essential to be real and searching for the "truth" behind the image in the mirror. It is in fact a forever journey of challenge... Now, you DON'T have to "comment" or "like" this post. I'm just speaking my mind here, asserting that I exist right this moment, staying true to myself, and I am going to strive and STRIVE to create something that eventually matter to this world. If I could ever achieve that goal, the rest of things don't matter here.

"Stay"        © Ko Zushi Photography, 2015

"Stay"        © Ko Zushi Photography, 2015

A Quick tip for Bride & Groom

It looks like a lot of fantastic weddings are coming up this summer. I have a wedding to shoot as well. Here are some advice I can give to those who are attending the weddings. 

Phone & camera during ceremony

Photo by Nora & Troy at   Aurora-Photography.com   Made with permission.

Photo by Nora & Troy at Aurora-Photography.com  Made with permission.

It is strange that this advice is coming from me, because I as a photographer have nothing against taking street photos by cheap phone cameras. However,  I also know how disgraceful the wedding is going to look with the sight of cellphone paparazzi guests, and they DISTRACT and DISTRESS the professional photographer who are actually hired to take photos. Wedding ceremony is a holy act. It should be respected and perceived by the silence and your EYES & HEART.

Here are few cute & graceful ways to kindly let your guests know about phone/camera restrictions.

- Make an entrance sign.
- Include the notes or the sign in your invitation & program
-Ask the officiant to make an announcement
-Let flower girls carry the simple signs

Entrance sign model can be something like this. ***Example made by  Ko Zushi Photography

Entrance sign model can be something like this. ***Example made by Ko Zushi Photography

Photo by Tyree Photography. Made with permission.

Photo by Tyree Photography. Made with permission.

Positivity is key for fruitful communication. Encourage your partner often, and let kindness override criticism. 

This principal can apply not only the wedding but also for the marriage itself. Wedding planning can be pretty stressful for bride & gloom, but after all it is the first event a couple together will remember for the rest of their life.  So once the ceremony starts make sure to stay in PRESENT TOGETHER. Have a happy wedding!

" You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. " - Walter Hagen

"You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. " - Walter Hagen