"Nobody Cares About Your Photography"

"Nobody cares about your photography. Nobody cares about your art. With the modern technology we have, why even bother hiring a photographer?  We can just take selfies with the iPhone or decent cameras, it'll get me far more 'likes' on Facebook"


"Modern People"

"Modern People"

Yep, sounds about correct, right? Sounds like a bitter truth? I mean it is the same remark: "who wants to go out to the live performance of Shakespeare when you can stay home and watch you tube video on my iPhone for free?'  In fact, the world doesn't need any more Artists. It doesn't need anymore musicians, writers, filmmakers, artists or actors either. We have enough. Its over-saturated on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube." 

"No ho"

"No ho"


The world does need the true art. we always need something that does matters....in fact our culture....no, the world's SURVIVAL is DEPENDENT on works that matters.

Take Steve Job for example. He started in his home garage, building computers that leads to the iPhone we have today. Do you think people really care about his work at the time? No. Even when his work is becoming known, he refused to abide what people want him to do. His paraphrased quote says, 

"You can't rely on knowing what people want. You have to be able to show them what they need." - Steve Job

As a result of his years of struggle, we have Apple products THAT MATTER TO THE WORLD TODAY.
What Steve Job has achieved is not something you can make it happen over night or couple days. What he achieved is no Viral Video or winning the popularity likes on Facebook.....To create something THAT MATTERS by pushing one's limit in spite of his/her uncertainty is not an easy thing to do. Only those who have the passion and courage to take their action can eventually create something that maters to the world, and that is no different in the world of photography or in any field of arts. 

"Unless you photograph what you love, you are not going to make good art."   - Sally Mann

I love my family. I love real arts and real artists. I love and hate people on streets in this world. That is why it is crucial for me to keep creating something that matters in the world of photography. As matter of fact photography is an extension of my passion towards all types of true arts. Whether it is Theatre, film, music or martial arts. It is my way of capturing and preserving the important moments of Life and art, considering those true moments DO matter to a person, to people, or to the WHOLE WORLD in the future. 

Granted, "Nobody cares about your work." now, but the world surely needs works that matter. So what am I to do now?


"Tout Va Bien"

"Tout Va Bien"

Artist Journal - A short interview with Moeko Yamazaki

  • What brought you to LA this time? 

    "Instinct. LA is like a send home to me. Since I left here a couple years back, I have been longing for this city. I couldn't wait any longer so I made a decision of visiting here."


"Urban Lights" -  Shot in Los Angeles County Museum of Arts

"Urban Lights" -  Shot in Los Angeles County Museum of Arts


"Stair down"

"Stair down"

  • Please tell me a little bit about what you do? And What is the most challenging part about being a young artist in Japan or anywhere else?

    "I have been privileged to get involved in the performing arts productions as an assistant director since I came back to Japan. I haven't felt like running into any difficulty in being a "young" artist. I think it is partly because I haven't been an artist long enough. So I would like to establish my core style of " Moekoness" (which is my positive, unshaken, and strong artistic attitude) towards anything."

    帰国してからは有り難い事に関わりたいスタイルの作品で主に演出助手としてPerforming Artsに関わらせてもらっています。若いアーティストだから、何が難しい、とかは感じたことはあまり無いかもしれない。。。あ、でもまだアーティストとしての年月が'短いから、自分のコアを強くしたい、と思うのかもしれない。何を前にしてもぶれないわたし、MOEKO-ness、をもっともっと明確に、確実に、強く、存在していられるように。


"Green Nature"

"Green Nature"

  • What is your favorite thing to do when not working? 

    "Looking at the sky
    Have real conversations with people
    See and feel natures. Enjoy beautiful landscapes....
    I would like to rest myself in the peaceful environments away from all the noise."

"Cafe Window"

"Cafe Window"


"  in Light it
  • Do you miss LA?

    ”Oh, desperately! lol”

  • what are the things you miss about here? 

    This visit made me realize the reason why I longed for LA is that the place allows me to be who I really am without being repressed.....This city lays within the nature and it is convenient for me to move one after another environment. It allows me to turn "on" & "off" myself on demand. I also like the food: the fact that healthy foods such as organic & vegan are sufficient here. Most of all,  I love the freedom of expression: People wouldn't condemn you for expressing who I am.  I reflect from this trip that I want to establish my own lifestyle that allows me to stay who I am no matter where I am located.

    自由になれる自分がいるからLAを恋しく思うのかも、と今回の滞在で気付きました。だから、どこにいてもこの好きな自分で居られるように、工夫して生きていこう!と思った。あとはVegetable, veganのものやオーガニックのものが当たり前にあることとか都会と自然が近くってすぐに好きな環境に移動できること。OnOffがつけやすいかも。あと、何を発言しても絶対に否定はされない
"Stair Up"

"Stair Up"

  • Are you in relationship right now? 

  • What kind of personalities and characteristics in people do you find attractive? 

    People who keep challenging and pushing their limit in spite of their fear or worries. Someone who has the ability to see through others' talent beyond their age or past credit. Someone who doesn't hesitate to try anything that appeals him/her. Such person that has the desire to keep growing and evolving is always excited to enjoy "living" life....Bottom line, I love the person who has stars in his/her eyes.


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