My Teacher...

He sits on exactly the same spot and perform with his beloved funny dog everyday.... I used to see him on the street of same spot on the same time when I was driving back home from the job I hated, every day M-F I realized then, "I am not leading the life I am proud of yet. Even he is living in the freedom of his life with more pride."

I didn't go to film-school. I never took any photography class. Aside from my Theatre / Cinema background and a few mentors, all of my still-photography is mostly self-taught. My classroom was a street and the people who live there are my teachers.  

Photography has a power of exposing the truth (or lie). Don't get me wrong I take tremendous joy in shooting actors, models and family. Though, I still can't get over the fact that people on the street are sometimes more honest, truthful, and interesting than any other celebrities or so-called stars on TV or movies....The busker, the gypsy, the mountebank, come on the street to support themselves. They are literally great actors for their performance is pure and sharp because their lives depend upon their "acting." They should be able to get paid more in what they do...don't you think?

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