"I'm gonna make your Monday Special"

Too many people HATE their job for the most part. A lot of people work in the steady job they hate to take care of bills and make sure you and your family eat....And I have witnessed (and have experienced) so many young talented people graduated with degree and ended up working in the dull place and doing the dull tasks just because they need to take care of bills and student loans.... 
I don't think it is fair. LIFE IS NEVER FAIR. And, I am in the occupation of fixing it. Imagine like, today is the LAST Monday of your life, and you will DIE the end of this week. Would you still be doing what you do? If your answer is "No" I will help you to get you to the answer "Yes" 

It's part of what I do: I shoot people so that they can promote themselves with my photography to do what you love and live your own unique life. What I mostly do for portrait session is not just giving you nice pictures. In the way, I coach and inspire people in shooting and giving tips and tricks of how you can pause; how you can carry themselves with your own unique attraction. It is my job to illuminate your unique beauty. 

I think all people are beautiful and everyone has his/her own beauty. It should be preserved in photography---- to keep you reminded of the beauty of your life, talent and the passion you've forgotten.