Naked Truth

Today, I bumped into this very old nude portrait of me. and I went, "Oh my God!"

The story behind this photo is this: long back in 2009, Stephanie and I were working on the stage play with the different producer X (outside of Ghost Players Theatre Co.) I was one of the main cast and agreed verbally to promote the show with my nude photos in it....This photo is one of them but this one was shot and processed by us--- Well, long story short, we had an disagreement with X in regard of exposing my unprocessed naked pictures X took. I was fairy uncomfortable the whole time he was shooting and X posted the unprocessed nude photos of me all over the FB, ignoring our concern. Steph and I decided to leave the production and this photo has been buried in my hard drive for a long time.

<3 things I learned from the incident>

1. The moment any picture was made in camera, the person who pressed the shutter button owns the copyright of the picture. - This is why having the written contract and model release is important.... We did not have single written contract with X in the production of the photos. This photo below was made by us but still those unprocessed crappy naked pictures of me are in X's hand and he could expose them anywhere for his convenience.

2. Photographers should never disrespect a model - No good thing will come out of it. When I expressed my concern X was all high-mighty and told me how I was "full of myself" ---well maybe I was a little prude, but if he was more nice and knew how to communicate with models well, I might have just let him use the photos and the show would go on.

3. We actually like this photo a lot - This is actually a great piece of art shot by Steven Alkazian and processed by Steph and I. - I think I have gained weight a little bit compared to this picture... I should get back on more training!!!!!!!!!!!

-Ko Zushi