Children Photpgraphy -How I keep myself sane as a self-employed artist.

Do you remember the time that was where all that mattered was play? Even if as an adult I still can have fun and play, but our subconscious monster is such that stuff like bills and obligations completely gets removed for a purely innocent play. Call me romantic or whatever, I long for that innocence to be regained....

In regard of being "a professional" photographer, in reality, I have to spend more time in marketing and accounting rather than working on the creativity of my craft, because I actually have to make a living in doing so and feed my family.

What I challenge right now is to define my distinct line between these two and strive for the perfection of both sides; Innocence and Responsibility-----A lot of my clients are actors and artists. What I offer in my service is not only the nice pictures of them but also giving them the tips and tricks of all I know to inspire and promote their talents and beauty to the real world.

I do child-portraits not because I am simply a father to my own baby. I undoubtedly love working with children because it somehow keeps me reminded of my innocent passion towards my arts / crafts------for they are all better artists than us, adults.